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2017: Where’s the next e-commerce gold rush?

Have you taken care of all your holiday shopping yet? I’ll be doing all my shopping online this year, but I’m a novice compared to my wonderful wife (…if there was a black belt in online shopping she’d have earned it by now). She knows exactly what she wants, where to find it and where to get the very best service.

You don’t learn the art of online shopping overnight. And, while it’s easy to take for granted how web savvy we’ve become, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that some markets are still a lot less mature than others.

Aside from the BIG 5 – China, USA, UK, Japan, and Germany – a number of regions and countries are poised to become major players in the e-commerce market.

Aside from the BIG 5 – China, USA, UK, Japan, and Germany – a number of regions and countries are poised to become major players in the e-commerce market. And we’ve got three of them firmly in our sights for 2017 and beyond. Next year our focus will extend past the BIG 5 to take in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. Markets that, despite their ‘emerging’ status, are fast becoming hot e-commerce properties:

Southeast Asia: The new kids on the block

Southeast Asia, a market with more than 620 million consumers, has taken the lessons learned from more mature e-commerce markets to heart and is jumping from the traditional first step C2C platforms straight to mobile. Thanks to its early digital adoption, e-commerce revenues in the region are set to exceed $25 billion by 2020.

It’s a really exciting region and many see it as the next e-commerce gold rush. At the moment, Malaysia and Thailand are the region’s largest e-commerce markets, but both could easily be eclipsed by Vietnam and Indonesia by 2020.

LATAM: Breaking into Brazil

According to analysts, nearly 140 million people are expected to be buying goods and services online in LATAM by 2018. Although it is still in the early adopter stage, there’s great potential and sales are expected to reach $85 billion by 2019.

Brazil is Latin America’s biggest e-commerce market (and the tenth largest globally), followed by Chile, Mexico and Argentina. We will be launching in Chile early next year, and who knows – we could be doing the Samba on the Copacabana in Brazil very soon.

The Middle East and Africa: Going straight to digital

The Middle East e-commerce market is expected to reach $10 billion by 2018. Experts are predicting that Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt could be the fastest growing e-commerce markets globally in the next few years. We are looking forward to delivering to the top floor of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa or to the Cayan Towers in the Marina.

Although lack of infrastructure is still a hurdle, Africa’s e-commerce market is booming. It’s largely due to a lack of retail space, product availability, growing disposable incomes and better access to mobile devices combined with payment methods like M-PESA which, in the absence of consumer banks, has given millions of Africans access to digital finance.

The emerging markets may still be emerging, but I am confident that there is ‘gold in them there hills’…and as for DHL eCommerce, we look forward to delivering the SMILE in the LAST MILE to those markets soon.

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